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Minimum Requirements:
-Must be a United States citizen or have a current and valid work permit.
-Must have a current and valid driver's license.
-Must have a reliable form of transportation with proof of insurance.
-Must have a phone.
-Must have your own personal toolbox, brushes, and hand tools.
-If hired, you must attend an orientation meeting with the management to review the mission statement, company policies and procedures, and the company safety policy prior to starting work.
-Convicted felons are not allowed to work in the Federal Building, Offutt Air Force Base, or any other federal or military installation. Traco, Inc. is a government contractor.

General Requirements:
-Must be able to follow company policies and procedures.
-Come to work on time.
-Always have your personal tools and personal safety equipment with you.
-Always wear painter’s whites and maintain a professional image (white pants, a clean shirt, boots).
-Turn in your hours accurately and on time.
-Produce productive, quality work that we can be proud of.
-Keep a positive attitude with your teammates, customers, and the other trades.
-Use common sense, and follow the company safety policy.
-Personal calls on your cell phone are not allowed during work, only during lunch and on break time.
-Look out for the company.
-Strive for improvement.
-Get the job done.
Job Description:
-Follow directions by the Field Superintendent.
-Follow directions by the Foreman.
-Retrieve supplies as needed for teammates.
-Tape areas to be painted.
-Maintain a clean job site.
-Load and unload equipment.
-Performance of various prep work as needed.
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